Zoetis and Fort Dodge Now One

Following Zoetis’ global acquisition of Wyeth, Fort Dodge Animal Health, a subsidiary of Wyeth has become part of Zoetis Animal Health as from the 1st of March 2010.

“Zoetis and Fort Dodge, joined together, will now sharpen our focus on our investment in producers and veterinarians alike said Magda Lindeque, Director for the South Central African Region, Zoetis Animal Health business. “We not only plan to improve veterinary care with a growing pipeline of innovative and breakthrough products and services, but Zoetis Animal Health will pledge growing support of veterinary academics, practitioners and producers. “A renewed Zoetis Animal Health plans to increase awareness about the importance of preventive care and in addition to nurture veterinary organisations through educational, medical and peer-to-peer programs.

About Zoetis and Fort Dodge
Zoetis, a business division of Pfizer Inc, is a world leader in discovering and developing innovative animal prescription medicines and vaccines, investing an estimated $300 million annually in research on a global basis.

In South Africa Zoetis’ industry-leading product portfolio now includes a wider range of biologics and parasiticides trusted by veterinarians and producers. 

The key activities of Zoetis South Africa will be to manage the transition to the new organization and to ensure that everything possible is done to make available the additional products (also registered in Namibia) which include:

  • Cydectin Eweguard (Reg no. G2304 Act 36/1947).
  • Cydectin Eweguard Se plus B12 (Reg no. G3541 Act 36/1947).
  • Cydectin 1% INJ. (Reg no. G1463 Act 36/1947)
  • Cydectin 0.1% Oral (Reg no. G2388 Act 36/1947).
  • Cydectin Oral plus Se (Reg no. G3408 Act 36/1947)
  • Cydectin Oral plus Tape (Reg no. G3407 Act 36/1947)
  • Cydectin Pour On (Reg no. G2678 Act 36/1947).
  • Cydectin LA for Sheep (Reg no. G3449 Act 36/1947)
  • Cydectin Weanerguard Se and Vitamin B12 for lambs (Reg no. G2318 Act 36/1947).
  • Equest plus Tape (Reg no. G3032 Act 36/1947)
  • Supona 30CD (Reg no. G1284 Act 36/1947)
  • Supona Aerosol (Reg no. G411 Act 36/1947)
  • Synovex Plus (Reg no. G2379 Act 36/1947)
  • Trichguard V5L (Reg no. G3018 Act 36/1947)

For the interim all current pricing and product distribution, programs and policies for Zoetis products, including its acquired Fort Dodge products, will remain unchanged.

Should any customers require any further information regarding any aspect of the Fort Dodge acquisition or the relevant products, please contact your local Zoetis representative or call our helpline on 011 245 3300.

Disclaimer: Zoetis takes no responsibility for any claims that may arise from information contained in this information sheet. Individual situations may vary from location to location and it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian before any management or treatment decisions are implemented.

Vrywaring: Zoetis neem geen verantwoordelikheid vir enige eise wat mag voortspruit uit inligting vervat in hierdie inligtingsdokument. Individuele situasies varieer van plek tot plek en dit word voorgestel dat u eers u veearts kontak alvorens enige bestuurs- of behandelingsbesluite geïmplementeer word.