REG. NO.: G0361 (Act 36/1947)

For animal use only.

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  • Sachet A: 19,4 g Glycerine 31,8 % m/m, electrolytes and citric acid 68,2 % m/m

    Sachet B: 44,6 g Dextrose 100 % m/m

  • Calves:

    To reverse the process of dehydration and loss of electrolytes following diarrhoea.

    To reduce scouring in bought-in calves.


    To reverse the process of dehydration and loss of electrolytes following pre and post weaning diarrhoea.

    To encourage fluid intake and prevent dehydration and setback after weaning.

    Lambs and kids:

    To reverse the process of dehydration and loss of electrolytes following diarrhoea.

    To encourage fluid intake and prevent dehydration in cases of starvation at lambing or kidding.


    To reverse hypoglycaemia and aid recovery in cases of pregnancy toxaemia in ewes.


    To reverse the process of dehydration and loss of electrolytes following diarrhoea.

    An electrolyte supplement for working horses.

    General notes:

    It is most important that an adequate amount of colostrum is taken in by all young animals, preferably within six hours of birth, to increase their natural disease resistance.

    Keep feeding utensils clean and avoid overfeeding.

  • Although this remedy has been extensively tested under a large variety of conditions, failure thereof may ensue as a result of a wide range of reasons. If this is suspected, seek veterinary advice and notify the registration holder.

  • For oral administration only.

    A Veterinarian should always be consulted if there is any doubt as to the diagnosis or treatment of scours.

    Lectade® can be used on its own or in conjunction with antibacterial therapy. Its excellent palatability is useful in improved intake of medicaments. Consult your Veterinarian regarding specific disease control.

  • Use only as directed.

    Mixing instructions:
    Mix the contents of one twin sachet (A and B) with two litres of lukewarm water. Then feed as follows:

    a) Calves
    Bought-in calves: Feed two litres of the above solution instead of milk as the first feed on arrival. For the second feed, give one litre of the Lectade® solution mixed with one litre of milk or milk replacer.

    Thereafter, feed as normal.

    Scouring calves: Immediately after scour symptoms show, withdraw milk or milk replacer entirely and feed 2 litres of the Lectade® solution twice daily for 2 days (four feedings). For the next four feedings, give 1 litre of Lectade® solution mixed with 1 litre of milk or milk replacer. Thereafter, feed as normal.

    If the scouring is established or severe and causes serious dehydration, the solution should be fed three or four times daily. Lectade® may be used on its own for a maximum of four days. Normal feeding should be resumed after the course of treatment.

    b) Piglets
    Suckling piglets: Immediately after showing signs of diarrhoea, fresh Lectade® solution should be made available to the entire litter in a cube drinker or similar clean vessel.

    Weaned pigs: Solid feed restriction for 1-2 days should be imposed on weaners that suffer from scours, but the normal fresh water supply should be continued.

    Lectade® solution should be made available in a vessel-cube drinker, trough or drum with nipple drinker.

    Agalactia: Where pigs are receiving reduced milk or none at all, Lectade® solution should be made available for a maximum of 2 days in order to prevent dehydration.

    Stressful times: Lectade® may be used at half the usual concentration e.g. one pair of twin sachets A+B in four litres of water, for two to three days following any period of stress.

    c) Lambs and Kids
    Feed 150-200 ml of the Lectade® solution made up as directed twice to four times daily as required. The solution should be fed at the animal’s body temperature using a feeding bottle and teat or stomach tube. Lambs and kids should be allowed to continue to suckle the ewe. Any unused solution should be kept in a clean container in a cool place but should be discarded 24 hours thereafter.

    d) Sheep
    Dissolve contents of sachets A & B in 200 ml of water. Administer using a drenching bottle. Repeat at 4 - 8 hour intervals as necessary.

    e) Horses
    Diarrhoea: Foals may be offered Lectade® at a dose of one paired sachet dissolved in 4 litres of drinking water (or in the normal water intake if this is sufficient). Alternatively foals may be dosed by stomach tube. In this case, one paired sachet of Lectade® is dissolved in 2 litres of water and dosed at approximately 20 — 30 ml/kg bodyweight. Administration should be repeated daily as required. Ordinary drinking water should be made available after Lectade® administration. Older horses should be offered Lectade® added to drinking water (1 — 2 paired sachets daily).

    Electrolyte Replacement after Exercise: 1 - 2 paired sachets per day added to drinking water or dissolved at a rate of 1 paired sachet per 2 — 4 litres of water and offered at drinking breaks during endurance rides.

    Treatment of Subclinical Dehydration: 1 paired sachet to be given twice daily dissolved in drinking water. Dosage to be continued for 3 days.

  • Cartons containing 12 twin sachets (A & B), enough to make-up 24 litres of treatment solution


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